Friendly, Precise, Professional.

We offering one stop medical solution for you and your family.

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Friendly, Precise, Professional.

We offering one stop medical solution for you and your family.

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We at AIC Medical Clinic

BELIEVE that our pleasant medical services and good quality is the most important thing to have on us.we also provide one stop medical solution for you and your family.We are the first private medical clinic that provide complete medical services like Laboratory, Radiology, Medical Check Up and Covid-19 Tests. We bring health for you and your family.

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Medical Check Up

Evaluation health consistency is vital to maintain your healthy lifestyle. We can help you enjoy your life fully with our comprehensive health screening through Medical Check-Up packages that encompasses prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

We provide Medical Check-Up packages for General and Corporate. Our various Medical Check-Up package customized based on spesific need, to give better information.

We also offer customize packages for General needs (Personal and Family), and MCU for Corporates (Pre-Employment, Occupational Health, Embassy/Visa and Insurance programmes).

Corporate Service

AIC Medical Clinic has more than 5 years experience in providing healthcare services to companies. We believe that the health status of our company employee can encourage and make an improvement.

We provide company health services, medical check-ups, lab examinations, x-ray services, stamina therapy, and we also provide in-house clinics (homeservices).

We also have been certified by the Ministry of Manpower for labor inspection.

Home Service

In the middle of pandemic like this moment current situation, we understand that many people must be difficult getting out of the house. AIC Medical Clinic also provide a Home Care Service, we will always be there at your home whenever you need us. Various healthcare requirement can be done directly from within your home.


We believe that taking preventive measures is very important for your health. One of them is by vaccinating. We provide a variety of vaccine services with safe and guarantee vaccine quality. We also pay attention to the distribution of cold chain so the quality of the vaccine remains excellent.

Laboratory Tests

Our Clinic provide integrated system of Clinical Laboratorium, with highly qualified and competent professional staffs, experienced pathologists, and medical officers, to deliver comprehensive laboratory test result.

Our Clinical Laboratorium also working a panel laboratory for corporations and insurance companies. Test methodologies, media and laboratory equipments are constantly evaluated and updated to keep the accuracy and efficiency of test procedures.

Doctor Consultation

We provide consultation services for you and your family. Consultation is getting easier and more convenient with teleconsultation. We believe that do an early consultation with doctor can help you live a better and healthier life. AIC Medical Clinic applies high standard quality and quality of health workers include doctors.

Teleconsultation services keep you can stay at home and also take care of your health and your family together. Make your family healthy and happy with us.


The best radiology services and the latest quality radiology equipment make us a reliable and leading diagnostic clinic. Check your requirements such as x-rays and ultrasounds with us. The quality and radiology facilities are equivalent with hospitals, that make you don't need to come to hospital anymore.


AIC Medical Clinic provides satisfaction services for the client, likes us at PT. THC. During pandemic, start 2020 till now, we always do Covid-19 Testing for our employees (Rapid Antigen & PCR). AIC medical clinic has simple procedure for registration and fast result for the patients.


Corporate Service Client


We bring health for you and your family.

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